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Tree of Life Lutheran Church

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Construction Chronology - page 1

                               Week of July 11, 2009

Every Saturday, we had work 'party'. Our first priority was to seal the building from the elements. Here, volunteers work on the roof.

                                 Week of July 18, 2009

One team works on the roof. other take down the insode walls. We get a 'taste' of what the santuary will look like.

We removed the 'nasty' carpet.

                               Week of July 25, 2009

The walls are still coming down.
We can see what the santuary will look like.
Floor tiles were removed and insulation was installed.
Some large trees were removed.
Other trees were trimmed.

                                   Week of August 1, 2009

Sheet rock begans going up. Doors were scraped and painted. Windows were cleaned. The youth group really pitched in doing all sorts of yard work, cleaning, and general repairs.

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