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Tree of Life Lutheran Church
Sundial Dedication

On May 2nd, 2021, the Kingdom Kids sponsored a dedication of a brass sundial engraved to honor Joanne Letwinch. The sundial was a gift to the Delaware Aerospace Education Foundation located in beautiful Big Oak Park in Smyrna. Joanne taught elementary students in New Jersey and especially loved science. She was, in fact, New Jersey’s Teacher in Space. She delighted Vacation Bible School kids with bubbling volcanoes and rocket launching, always finding ways to tie those events to the Bible lesson and real life.

The sundial was purchased by Michelle Brill with donations from the Kingdom Kids (which includes our two pastors). It was anchored in a cement block (done by the Collett Family), and was placed in the Butterfly Garden of the Delaware Aerospace Education Foundation headquartered in Smyrna.

Why here? This foundation was created and is currently run by Delaware’s Teacher in Space, Stephanie Wright. Joanne represented New Jersey’s teachers (she was an elementary teacher for 30 years) as a Teacher in Space and, as we all know, loved to share her knowledge of science and space with our youth, especially at Vacation Bible School. Joanne was very special to the families of our youth and they were very happy to pay tribute to her in this small way.

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